About InspireShift

Hi, I am Arjan, CEO and Founder of InspireShift. I help my clients define and attain their goals.

In our hectic culture, it is important to take the time to reflect. If there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, coaching will move you forward.

It is my belief that each of us can reach our goals as long as we put our mind to it. Part of this mindfulness is recognizing when to partner along the way. This is where coaching makes a real difference.

My coaching is completely focused on you – your life, your career, your business, your vision, your goals. Each person is unique. As a successful, fulfilled career and life means something different for each of us, coaching becomes a very individualized process. Effective coaching is a science but never a formula. It is also part art, an art that I happen to be passionate about.

Many people live their life reacting to what comes on their path. Coaching with InspireShift empowers you to take control. Instead of reacting to life you become the architect of your life, designing your professional and personal path. This process inspires people. When inspiration is followed by action, real change – SHIFT – happens, and people grow. This is the concept behind InspireShift.

Engaging in coaching shows a commitment to yourself and to your growth. Coaching is a beautiful gift you can give yourself or someone you care about; a gift certain to have a positive impact.

I would enjoy speaking with you and invite you to contact me for a complimentary consultation to learn more about the benefits of coaching with me and determine if InspireShift is right for you.


Arjan Eenkema van Dijk

Coaching with InspireShift is for you, if you:

  • Believe that your career, business or life could be more successful and fulfilling
  • Want to be a more effective leader
  • Want to launch or grow a business
  • Are stuck or struggle with stress, confidence and time management
  • Are looking for a greater clarity, purpose or balance either in your professional or personal life

What Clients say:

“I started working with Arjan when I had been out of a job for over a year. She helped me define my career goals and refocus. I landed a position within 3 months as a VP of Sales. Arjan is the consummate career coach, professional in all she does; she is insightful and goal oriented. Arjan has great energy with an ability to inspire and to motivate people.”
John E. – VP of Sales

“Arjan’s energy and positive attitude is enlightening. She helped me shift my thinking and develop a positive mindset. We worked on communications skills and positioning. I increased my visibility within the company, which lead to an unexpectedly high bonus and salary increase.”
Peter T. – Sr. IT Consultant


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