The testimonials/case studies below serve as an illustration of the work that Arjan engages in with her clients. This is just a sampling of the wide variety of clients that Arjan has served. For confidentiality reasons all client names are kept anonymous. However, all clients represented in the case studies or testimonials throughout this website are open to providing more detailed referrals upon request through InspireShift.

Read what clients say about coaching with InspireShift:

Career Coaching

From out of a job to VP of Sales
“I started working with Arjan when I had been out of a job for over a year. She helped me better define my career goals and refocus. I landed a position within 3 months as a Vice President of Sales and I am very excited about this new opportunity. Arjan is the consummate career coach, professional in all she does; she is insightful and goal oriented, while patient at the same time. She possesses a wealth of knowledge. Arjan has great energy with an ability to inspire and to motivate people. She is talented in helping people learn more about themselves, focus in on their strengths and guide them in creating a clear career direction.”
John E. – VP of Sales

From VP of Operations to Division President
“Working in a company that suffered greatly due to the recession, I hired Arjan as an Executive and Career Coach to take a pro-active approach towards my career. Arjan helped me think through numerous complex corporate issues, while simultaneously focusing on my career direction. I wanted my next step to be a Division President. Arjan’s guidance throughout this process has been incredibly valuable and within several months, I accepted a position as a Division President for a large, reputable and financially sound company in my industry. I will continue to work with Arjan because in her, I have found a Coach, who has an extraordinary breadth of experience, combined with a genuine care about the success of her clients. She has a “head and a heart”, and I know we will have a strong relationship for years to come.”
Patrick D. – Division President

From being confused to a clear direction and landing a position as a lawyer
I had been going back and forth between two career directions for a long time and was really confused, sometimes focusing more on one, then on the other, trying to move them both forward and not getting anywhere. I knew I was stuck but did not know how to get out of it. Arjan helped me achieve clarity around my values and objectives. Then realize my goals in an expedited manner, I just started a position as a lawyer with a great law firm. Arjan is skilled at moving the coaching process forward and is adept at getting directly to the heart of an issue. She does not shy away from confronting difficult issues and held me accountable for the commitments and goals I set for myself. Arjan possess a unique combination of intelligence, caring, commitment, humor, insight and persistence. Her innate abilities combined with her business acumen make her exceptionally qualified to coach at the highest level. She is extremely passionate about and dedicated to coaching and her clients. She is a master coach among coaches.
Kathryn K. – Lawyer

A Diverse Range of Fields.

InspireShift’s clients come from organizations of all sizes ranging from entrepreneurial ventures to Fortune 500 companies and multinationals, such as:

  • JP Morgan
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Chartis
  • New York Hospital
  • UBS
  • Pearson Publishing
  • Deloitte Consulting
  • Citibank
  • United States Navy
  • Tahari
  • Scotiabank
  • Time Inc.

InspireShift’s clients come from a diverse range of fields, including:

  • Financial Services
  • Marketing
  • Legal Field
  • Consulting
  • Information Technology
  • Education
  • Consumer goods
  • Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Investment Banking
  • Insurance
  • Publishing
  • Not-for-profit.

From feeling stuck to moving forward
“Arjan is an excellent Coach – from assisting with my job search to helping me tap my own inner resources in ways I didn’t know possible. She helped me to understand not just the ‘what’ but the ‘why’ that was holding me back and most important of all, ‘how’ to change. Real, practical advice that I was able to apply immediately all in a time frame that was comfortable and worked for me. Arjan is compassionate as well as professional and has a wonderful understanding of work and personal life. She eagerly shares her knowledge and expertise, always offering support and flexibility. I unequivocally recommend Arjan as a Coach who delivers results.”
Virginia C. – VP Financial Services


Executive & Entrepreneur Coaching

Establishing effectively and with ease in a new role
“I started working in a challenging, newly created executive marketing position in a large medical institution. Arjan helped me to successfully position myself in this new role and to focus on my immediate effectiveness for the company. Arjan is an exceptional coach who is raising the bar on executive coaching. She is extremely dedicated to her clients, results-oriented and committed to moving things forward as a team. Her style invokes an ease and sense of trust. Her insight and ability to help bring revelation to an area of focus quickly is remarkable. She gets it!”
Maria C. – Marketing Executive


Creating a more positive mindset leads to financial rewards
“My confidence took a major dip during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Even though I was fortunate to retain my job when so many co-workers did not, I found myself worrying about ‘what could be’ rather than focusing on reality. Arjan’s energy and positive attitude is enlightening. Arjan helped me shift my thinking and create a more positive mindset. We worked on my communications skills and positioning within the company. I was able to increase my visibility, which lead to an unexpectedly high bonus and salary increase. Each coaching session leaves me refreshed, focused and motivated and I am now better equipped to deal with the challenges that lie ahead and ready to make the best of all opportunities that come my way. I realize that I am very much in control of my decisions, and in turn, my life/career path.”
Peter T. – Sr. IT Consultant


Enhancing executive presence and credibility
“As a Director of a not-for-profit organization affected by the economic recession, I felt it was important to develop my leadership skills further. Arjan helped me to enhance my overall executive presence and credibility. I learned to overcome my fear of public speaking, communicate more effectively and develop productive working relationships. While others were let go, my growth was immediately noticed by my superiors and staff, which lead to increased respect, job retention and a higher work satisfaction for me. Arjan and I also worked on life – work balance and while I was able to increase my effectiveness within the company, I also was able to set boundaries around work, and commit to myself in the same way as I committed to the company. “
Karen R. – Program Director


Improving leadership effectiveness
“My work with Arjan greatly enhanced my effectiveness as the President of a volunteer organization. Arjan brings to her work extraordinary intelligence, a talent for active listening and wisdom. We have worked both on near-term goals and also on longer term objectives such as creating a positive work environment for my members, charting a realistic strategic plan, and developing my leadership skills. Arjan has clarity of vision, insight and provides guidance that makes each and every meeting with her very effective and worthwhile.”
Sheila S. – President – Volunteer Organization


Reinvigoration at a transition point
“When I reached a transition point in my company, I hired Arjan, who has been the voice of reason that I didn’t realize I needed and who has helped me gain new confidence in myself. I have a whole new level of energy about moving my company forward. She helped me identify my goals, develop new ideas and manage my time more effectively. Arjan is an expert in her field, with the added gift of personality and genuineness that is often hard to find. I would recommend her to any entrepreneur who is launching a new company, running into a road block or finds himself at a transition point.”
Dan C. – Business Owner


A Partnership and Clarity around Decision Points
“As an entrepreneur of a larger company, I really appreciate working with Arjan as it provides a partnership with someone who has my best interest in my mind. This partnership allows me the opportunity to think through new ideas or difficult issues and make the best decisions. As a business owner, you can be too close to a situation and in my meetings with Arjan, I have the opportunity to reflect. She is bright and has an ability to break down complex situations and create clarity. She challenges me to be the best I can be. My meetings with her are invigorating and keep me focused.”
Harry B. – Business Owner


Life Coaching

Achieving balance leads to personal and professional growth
“My life was turned upside down. After I was diagnosed with cancer, my husband left me, leaving me and my two children behind. Arjan helped me to examine all aspects of my life and achieve the balance that I needed to move forward. She is an excellent listener and skilled at getting to the root of an issue. I feel my life is becoming whole again. Now that I am at a much better place, we started working on formulating a plan to fulfill my dream of being a store owner. Even though we have worked out many aspects of the plan, based upon the current economic recession, we decided that it was better to take one step in between. Arjan helped me land a job as a Store Manager. This gives me the opportunity to try on this “new life” without the financial risk. I could not be happier and could have never accomplished by myself what I did with Arjan.”
Eloise S.


From overwhelmed to moving forward
“It came as a shock when we learned that our son had bipolar disorder. What followed was the most difficult period in our life; it was not easy adapting to this new reality. I looked forward to my weekly coaching sessions with Arjan because it gave me an opportunity to focus in on my needs. Arjan’s ability to listen and to ask the right questions made tasks that seemed overwhelming much more manageable. She prepared me for difficult conversations in advocating for my son and helped me to create balance for me and my family. Coaching is a way to refuel and take time for myself to enable me to better care for my family. Arjan has tremendous empathy for the situation. She is goal oriented, analytical and helps you move forward. I consider working with Arjan one of the best decisions I made this year.”
Kris A


In control and pursuing a dream career
“It was only a few months ago that I used words like “lost, anxious, unfulfilled” to describe how I felt about where I was in my life. When I think about it now, that couldn’t be further from how I feel. As a result of coaching with Arjan, I now have a clear and well planned path that I am following to pursue the career of my dreams. My finances are organized and I have control over them, they no longer have control over me. I am very excited about the things I plan to accomplish in the future, while at the same time living in the moment and enjoying and appreciating all the loved ones and the good fortune in my life now. For all this and the happiness and peace I feel, I will be forever thankful and grateful to and for Arjan.”
Denise D.