Launch your business successfully or take an existing business to the next level and enjoy the process.

InspireShift’s entrepreneur coaching is focused on entrepreneurs who want to launch their business or move it to the next level.

Arjan’s coaching provides you with experienced and practical support in an affordable and convenient way. Find solutions that work for you and that allow you to move higher and faster than you could on your own. Raised in an entrepreneurial family and as an entrepreneur herself, Arjan has first-hand knowledge of the excitement that comes from running your own business, as well as the challenges. It takes commitment, discipline, business acumen and hard work among a host of other skills and characteristics.

Launching a successful business starts with clarity
InspireShift will help you define a clear vision for your business. Once your vision is in place, we will focus on developing an understanding of the market and your target groups, defining your goals and developing an action plan to turn your idea into reality. Mindset, management, product development, branding, marketing, networking, pricing, legal structures and finances are all critical aspects that we will assess.

Growing or protecting an existing business
InspireShift recognizes that environments change, and companies need to grow through different stages. Along the way each business is certain to be presented with some opportunities and hit a few roadblocks. The response you choose to these possibilities and challenges can be hugely important to the ultimate success of your company. This is where hiring InspireShift can make the difference.

The most successful business minds have coaches
You have invested all your time, your resources and energy in starting your company, but you don’t need to go at it alone. Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates each work with a coach, so why shouldn’t you? They understand that partnering with a coach allows for objective inquiry, holds you accountability, and keeps you on track.

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely; partnering with InspireShift will help you make better decisions and take your business to the next level with more ease.

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Entrepreneur Coaching

Partner with InspireShift to launch your business:

  • Develop your vision
  • Determine goals
  • Develop a plan and actions
  • Understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Develop the right mindset

If you are an entrepreneur, partner with InspireShift to:

  • Move your company to the next level
  • See possibilities
  • Face important decisions
  • Reposition your business in response to economic challenges
  • Re-align systems that are no longer adequate for your business
  • Plan for the future
  • Create more efficiency and effectiveness around your work
  • Be a better leader
  • Balance among work, family and leisure time

What Clients say:

“When I reached a transition point in my company, I hired Arjan, who has been the voice of reason that I didn’t realize I needed. She helped me gain new confidence in myself, identify my goals, develop new ideas and manage my time more effectively. Arjan is an expert in her field, with the added gift of personality and genuineness that is often hard to find. I would recommend her to any entrepreneur who is launching a new company, running into a road block or finds himself at a transition point.”
Dan C. – Business Owner

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