Experience how good it feels to be yourself and live a life that is meaningful to YOU

InspiresShift’s life coaching helps you set and achieve your personal goals or transition through a difficult time. If you want to get more out of life or feel stuck in certain aspects of your life, InspireShift helps you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, moving forward toward greater overall fulfillment.

Arjan helps you get in touch with what matters most deeply to you and then provides the right environment and tools so you can follow through. When you experience a life change or challenge, Arjan offers an objective, caring voice and the techniques to handle transitions with confidence and direction.

Many people life their live reacting to what comes their way. Working with InspireShift helps you develop a positive and pro-active attitude, whereby you take control and become the architect of your life, creating and designing your own life path, aligned with your interests and values.

If you are ready to live your BEST life, InspireShift will help you get there.

Areas of Impact through Personal/Life Coaching:

  • Develop Happiness and Fulfillment:
    You want to take a pro-active approach in living a satisfied, successful and meaningful life
  • Increase confidence and self trust:
    Feel free and be your authentic self
  • Create balance:
    Find equilibrium in each facet of your life, including time for yourself
  • Manage a difficult life situation:
    Your life has been impacted by a difficult situation, such as illness, divorce, death and you want to adjust to this new situation.
  • Handle a natural life transition:
    Your children are off to school and you want to create something meaningful for yourself. You are starting a new life with your family in a new country. You became a new mom and want to start off on the right foot.
  • Build a life with focus and purpose:
    You want to be pro-active and not simply react to what comes on your path, but rather start to create your own path. You have an exciting idea and want to ensure that you follow through.
  • Change unproductive patterns:
    You feel stuck in old patterns and want to replace these with a more positive behavior, and in line with your values
  • Get joy from relationships:
    Communicate better and develop more fulfilling relationships with a spouse, significant other, child, friend, parent, and in the workplace
  • Enhance personal growth:
    You want to grow in areas that are important to you.
  • Create a positive mindset:
    Explore your thinking and the power you have over your own thoughts
  • Establish a healthy relationship with money:
    Build financial intelligence, and learn how to derive monetary satisfaction

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Partner with InspireShift in Life Coaching to build a Happy and Meaningful life:

  • Develop confidence and self trust
  • Create balance
  • Deal with a difficult life situation – with illness, divorce, death, job loss, move
  • Deal with a natural life transition
  • Build a life with focus and purpose
  • Change unproductive patterns
  • Get joy from relationships
  • Develop personal growth
  • Create a positive mindset
  • Establish a healthy relationship with money

What Clients say:

“My life was turned upside down. After I was diagnosed with cancer, my husband left me, leaving me and my two children behind. Arjan helped me to examine all aspects of my life and achieve the balance that I needed to move forward. She is an excellent listener and skilled at getting to the root of an issue. I feel my life is becoming whole again. Now that I am at a much better place, we started working on formulating a plan to fulfill my dream of being a store owner. Even though we have worked out many aspects of the plan, based upon the current economic recession, we decided that it was better to take one step in between. Arjan helped me land a job as a Store Manager. This gives me the opportunity to try on this “new life” without the financial risk. I could not be happier and could have never accomplished by myself what I did with Arjan.”
Eloise S.

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