Our coaching is build upon the foundation that every person and each organization is unique.  We do not use standard formulas, checklists, or cookie-cutter template. Our coaching  is completely individualized to connect with our clients’ specific objectives and needs.

Our major point of distinction is found in our unique philosophy, which melds analytical reasoning with intuitive compassion. Our approach is based on a proven, strategic and results-oriented methodology with clearly defined goals and actions steps, complimented by a deep level of genuine care and motivating inspiration. Our coaching strategies are founded on the latest research in human behavior, neuroscience, leadership and organizational consulting.

We focus on the changes you want to make. Through a dynamic dialogue and partnership, we identify clear, manageable objectives, develop concrete plans, access new tools, and take the steps necessary to achieve your desired goals and vision. We explore the factors that may be holding you back and create a step-by-step plan to move you forward. We help you tap into your unique strengths, focus on areas of development and identify opportunities for growth. This partnership creates an energy that will inspire you to take action and help you shift to a higher level of achievement and fulfillment. This is the concept behind InspireShift. Change is only lasting if it is sustainable. Feedback, accountability and support are the pillars of our work together.

What Clients say:

Clients describe Arjan’s method as a use of head and heart — results oriented, supportive, practical, intuitive and insightful — and rave about her coaching.

Arjan is an exceptional coach who is raising the bar on executive coaching.”

Maria C. – Marketing Executive

“Arjan is the consummate career coach, professional in all she does; she is insightful and goal oriented, while patient at the same time. Arjan has great energy with an ability to inspire and to motivate people.”

John E. – VP of Sales

“I unequivocally recommend Arjan as a Coach who delivers results.”

Virginia C. – VP Financial Services

“I would recommend her to any entrepreneur who is launching a new company, running into a road block or finds himself at a transition point.”

Dan C. – Business Owner

“Arjan has clarity of vision, insight and provides guidance that makes each and every meeting with her very effective and worthwhile.”

Sheila S. – President

Our areas of expertise are in leadership development, female leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, mindset, personal branding, and career transition. On an organizational level, we focus on 360 degree feedback processes, team alignment and cultural change.

Both Positive and Conversational Intelligence are at the core of our work. While leaders’ knowledge of their field and their leadership skills determine their potential, it is their positive intelligence and mindfulness that enables them to live up to that potential. This process requires a deeper level of self-examination to invoke a growth mindset and an authentically optimistic and solution-oriented approach.  We also focus on the processes and principles embedded in Conversational Intelligence, which are essential to developing deep long-lasting relationships and building high performing teams based on trust and respect.

Appointments take place in-person, through video-conferencing or by phone. The duration of each engagement is determined by the scope of work. Based upon the topic, sometimes a few meetings are all that is needed. In the majority of cases, 10-12 meetings are recommended to achieve significant progress in a broader area. We also work with clients on a long term basis, serving as a consistent sounding board throughout their career.