Our clients find deeply fulfilling positions that reflect their values, interests and strengths.

If you want to move to the next level in your career, return to the workforce after a break or completely change career direction, we help you gain clarity, develop a strategy, and guide you through the job search process to land the job that fits your personality and values.

If you connect who you are with what you do, you will be more productive, successful and happier.

InspireShift’s career coaching will help you:

Create clarity about your career direction

Accelerate your search to land the perfect position

Career Coaching

"Arjan combines a high measure of gravitas, a refreshing straightforward approach and a deep level of compassion with an acute business sense. She provides sharp insights, practical advice and honest feedback, which was pivotal to rethinking and improving my communication style. Through her expert guidance, I evolved my leadership style and executive presence. Arjan is brilliant, but humble; visionary, but grounded; logical, but intuitive."

Neil Hampshire - CIO, ModusLink
"Arjan is a phenomenal executive coach. She has profound expertise in leadership development, communication and emotional intelligence. Arjan helped me create successful frameworks for solving the most complex strategic and human resource challenges. She is insightful, articulate and has a deep commitment to excellence. I have become a better leader as a direct result of our work together."

James Gomez - Division President, CalAtlantic Homes
"Arjan is an extremely skilled executive coach and organizational strategist. She presents to hundreds of attendees at our iRelaunch Return to Work Conferences and consistently gets top ratings. She has also been a popular and well-regarded coach of our group coaching program. More recently she has taken on an important role with our corporate initiatives. Arjan demonstrates integrity, excellence and an energy level matched by few."

Carol Fishman Cohen - CEO, iRelaunch
"Arjan’s guidance is direct, insightful and clear. She has a wealth of experience and provides great wisdom navigating complex strategic situations. I was originally hired as CFO and within a year promoted to also take on the COO position. I can’t imagine being where I am today in my career without her guidance."

Jennifer Solomon - COO & CFO, Arts Students League of New York
"Arjan has been a strong partner to our company and to many of our executives she has supported over a number of years. She delivers great value on a personal level to the leaders she coaches as well as to the organization as a whole, by helping our executives become both more effective in their role and by supporting their ongoing personal development. Our executives very much appreciate working with her and consistently speak about her high business acumen and great understanding of leadership. They highlight her ability to listen effectively, to build trusting relationships, educate and challenge them to create forward momentum towards their goals. They especially appreciate her integrity, confidentiality, and wisdom. Arjan combines her business and people skills into high level results for our company."

Richard Mellor, EVP Global Chief Human Resources, R/GA
"Arjan combines business knowledge with people insight. She possesses profound positive intelligence and superb communication skills. She walks the talk and lives by her principles. Arjan helped me evolve my thinking to successfully navigate complex situations presented by a rapidly growing and transforming business, leadership changes and a take-over. My team and I delivered superior results and I thank Arjan for her guidance."

Terry Stack - VP Treasurer, Harman International
"I engaged Arjan to help refocus my professional goals. In less than 5 months, with Arjan's expert guidance, I realized a very positive career move I initially doubted would even be possible. Arjan stretched my thinking, kept me accountable and ensured I lived up to the goals I set for myself. She possesses a unique combination of intelligence, care, commitment, humor, insight, and persistence."

Joris van Roijen - Senior Manager, Ernst & Young Advisory

Create clarity about your career direction

Our coaching process will help you tap into your strengths, understand your values, and explore the possibilities to a career that is in line with your values, interests and unique personality.  Read more abut gaining clarity about your career direction.

Accelerate your search to land the perfect position

Landing a job is like a marketing proposition: a well thought out plan combined with high quality personal marketing material and an ability to display a confident and authentic presence during interviews and networking conversations is essential. We help you sharpen your networking and interviewing skills, develop executive presence, write your resume and cover letter, establish your LinkedIn profile, utilize social media, and develop a positive mindset. Read more about how we help you accelerate your search.